Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where? Where? Where!

I have talked to Stephen Verla about where I could make my project happen. At first I picked a location that was a long drive from the school, but Stephen reminded me that I should pick somewhere closer because Creativity Week starts on Monday and ends on Thursday. During the past three years, Creativity Week has been from Monday to Friday, which means that I have one less day to make my project happen. This means that I have to work around this obstacle and now plan on picking a closer place.

Stephen and I looked at a few websites where we could find a closer location with an interesting terrain, and we found this website, Texas State Park Guide, that has a highlighted area of Texas with information of Parks in that area. He said that he would be okay to take the group and me anywhere in that area. Now that I have the location narrowed down, I’m one step closer to making it happen.

If any of you have any comments or suggestions, please post them below.

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  1. It would be great to go much farther than east Texas, but as Stephen has already informed you, time is scarce. Also the biggest problem with leaving to a really far off destination is that you do not want to spend more time on the bus ride there than on the actual camping experience. I have had the chance to spend some time around the Texas Hill Country and the landscape really intrigued me. I think you should definitely look more into the Hill Country. On another note, I was wondering exactly what was going to be the the presentation people would show the school on Friday since for participants it would be a creativity week project and usually everyone presents what they did throughout the week? I know this is for your senior seminar project but it will be your participants creativity week and if I am not wrong they need to showcase their activities.