Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm thinking of asking students at my school what is the most important qualities a leader should have. I want to do this so I can have an idea of what others think about leadership and compare their responses. This will help by being a base on which I can work on.


  1. I just gave Alejandra a big comment on what I think about leadership.

    First of all, I think you should talk to Jeremy Duncan because I think he made me into the leader that i think I am. He is our soccer coach and is great at getting a new group of guys every year and turning them into a team. You should also talk to other coaches, leaders of groups, and captains of sports teams. Ask them "What problems they run into?" or "How they go about these problems?" Everyone is

    You've also been a leader in the Interact Club, in the Middle School Dorm, and I think you helped Kevin and I with the soccer team a lot. You need to reflect every night on how you were a good leader that day. I do that with my sport teams every night and how can I be a better leader the next day. I have one final thought though, a great leader makes others better and also good leaders. What you're doing is great and can give a blueprint for others who are having troubles in being a leader.

  2. I have a book on leadership I can lend to you. Remind me!