Friday, October 14, 2011

Background Information

I’m going to give you a little bit of my camping background. As you know, I went camping with my school’s Young Men’s Group in my 8th grade. This was the first time I’ve been camping so it influenced me a lot because not only was it my first time, but it was a fun trip. This made me want to go camping again because I wanted to go through the same experience. I wanted to be away from civilization with my close friends. I wanted to have fun again. This was when I decided to attend the Woods Project during the summer of my 9th grade.

The Woods Project was awesome. I spent two weeks at Yosemite National Park; during the first week I stayed in cabins, and during the second week, I went backpacking. This trip was very fun because I was with some of my schoolmates and I met other students from different schools. I also learned a lot over the environment of the park and the importance of the outdoors.

During the summer of my 10th grade year, I was selected to attend NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). The reason I chose to do NOLS was because I wanted to go through the same experience I went through in my previous trips. I went backpacking for a month in the Pacific Northwest with eleven other people. It was an amazing experience to go off for a month and see the world in a different view.

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  1. How do your think these experiences influenced your decision to do this project?

    I can count these as your September blogs only in a minimal way -- to keep your grade from plummeting. Be sure to do two more for October to catch up.